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I am an independent designer and craftsman producing fine modern furniture.

I offer a bespoke furniture design service and can work with you to create really special furniture that meets your needs.

My furniture is also available in a limited edition range from my shop. I love the expressive character of wood and my designs are influenced by Modernism, involving decorative restraint and celebration of simple forms.

All of my work is made to heirloom standard and with the thought it will last for future generations.

I place a premium on great design, the best materials, high quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Christopher Twigg
March 2017


'Winston' desk

This desk is for sale and I custom make to order.

For studious types who like plenty of working space and storage but want to escape those boxy looking desks.

- Length = 1020mm
- Depth = 570mm
- Height = 940mm

The working desktop height is nominally 78cm and can be made to suit your height.

Made in top quality European Oak with cool-grey painted tulipwood components.

Inspired by the mid-century style but pared back both in tone and shape. Winston fits well in a cool contemporary work space.

The curved end panels give focus and a sense of belonging - you feel as though you occupy this desk and can zone straight into your work.

It feels good to be in touch with warm natural materials whilst you're working too.

Finished in Osmo polyx satin hard wearing oil for a low sheen.

Two capacious and lockable drawers underneath the desktop - each one can easily accomodate A3 sized paper.

Optional drawer dividers can be supplied.

The top box/monitor stand has two small utility drawers and an open recess for nick-nacks or a keyboard.

It sets a computer monitor at a comfortable working height and you can also remove it to make a larger working area.

The drawers have pin line detailing and are fitted with traditional till locks.

I can advise the best working height for you given your body size. The right size makes a big difference especially if you spend a long time at your desk!

If you would like to enquire about having this desk made for you please contact me.

Base price is 850 GBP plus delivery and the desk can be customised (materials, layout, colour, configuration).

Please contact me for further information and pricing.

'April' desk

A specially commissioned piece. Inspired by the sort of furniture you see in sunnier climes. Some cheeky curves and a dash of colour add character to this little utilitarian desk.

- Width 980mm
- Depth 550mm
- Height 840mm

A compact desk perfect for an alcove, a nook or for pride of place. Curved drawer fronts play inside the straight and uncompromising frame shape.

Made in solid Sapele Mahogany and Tulipwood. Hand painted drawer fronts in teal.

The design features various apertures, ledges, curves and exposed dovetail joinery which come together to add interest to the piece. The Sapele wood, with its wild and interlocking grain, also adds a touch of drama.

The desk has two main drawers that can each easily accomodate A3 sized paper. The two top drawers are ideal for computer peripherals and nick nacks.

The top plinth is designed to accomodate a slimline desktop computer such as an iMac.

'Planform' low coffee table

This table is for sale and I custom make to order.

A compact and shapely low coffee table made with character grained Sapele Mahogany.

- Length 1000mm
- Depth 490mm
- Height 330mm

With a generous table top surface area you can fit many magazines, cups and plates on it and it's ideal to plonk your feet on too!

Designed with a thin curved edge and minimal clean lines.

The Sapele Mahogany wood adds a touch of drama and you can see its wild grain at play. The wood is a red/brown colour and deepens to a rich dark brown with age.

Finished in satin Osmo hard wax oil, a top quality furniture finish that is environmentally friendly whilst being resistant to spills and stains.

Base price is 320 GBP plus delivery. Can be customised (size, materials, optional under-slung magazine rack).

You can buy this item directly from my shop.

For a custom build version please contact me for further information and pricing.

'Block' bedside tables

A specially commissioned pair of tables. A heavy set block like table with a capacious drawer inside.

Each block is perched atop splayed legs to give poise and stability to the piece.

In Sapele Mahogany wood.

- Length 400mm
- Depth 300mm
- Height 520mm

The drawers have very fine shut lines which help to keep the monolithic appearance of the table.

Each table has a motif running along the drawer front for visual consistency and rythmn.

Underneath there is a slatted shelf complete with in-built wire retainers.

The motif is punched through with a simple and functional finger pull hole. A nice face to wake up to!

Bedside table

A specially commissioned piece produced as part of a suite of bedroom furniture.

In American Black Walnut.

- Length 480mm
- Depth 480mm
- Height 540mm

The unit has two drawers which are accessed by these hand carved and mirror matched drawer pulls.

Different levels of rebates, recesses and shut lines help introduce shadow-play and layering to the piece.

American Black Walnut gives wonderful tones from black through brown with honey coloured streaks.

It looks great particularly if the piece is set in a mid to dark toned room and accessorized with nick nacks in complimentary colours.

Traditional hand-cut joinery is featured throughout the piece which adds visual interest and great strength.

This is very high specification furniture and Black Walnut,  a highly priced premium wood, is used for all external and internal components.

'Dusk' bedside tables

A one-off special pair of tables made especially from reclaimed wood.

An original design with clean lines in a contemporary style. You can buy this item directly from my shop.

In reclaimed Mahogany and Sweet Chestnut woods.

- Length 480mm
- Depth 480mm
- Height 540mm

Needle like legs, poised angles and contrasting woods give a confident appearance to these compact little tables.

A hand carved central drawer pull acts as a motif and focal point

Fine drawer shut lines and shadows cast by the table top ledge lend interest to the overall shape.

Inlaid wooden stringing brings character and presence to the thin legs

Hand cut fine dovetail joinery peeks at you each time you open the drawer.

Exposed through dovetail joinery features on the case edges. The top is English Sweet Chestnut wood which has a long straight grain. It has been traditionally fumed for a deep and contrasting tone.

A one off limited edition these tables are for sale as a pair for 420 GBP plus delivery from my shop.

Chest of drawers

Specially commissioned as part of a suite of bedroom furniture.

In American Black Walnut with 4 deep drawers.

- Length 1200mm
- Depth 450mm
- Height 720mm

Different levels of rebates, recesses and shut lines help introduce shadow play and layering to the piece.

Carefully selected and sawn boards create these grain matched drawer fronts.

They feature prominently and play wildly inside the geometry of the unit

Fine drawer shut lines and sculpted pull handles intercept the character grain and flow of the Black Walnut.

The unit has four drawers which are accessed by these hand carved and mirror matched drawer pulls.

This is very high specification furniture and Black Walnut, a highly priced premium wood, is used for all external and internal components.

The chest features traditional hand cut joinery throughout which helps add visual interest and lots of strength.

'Needle' sideboard

A specially commissioned piece for a hallway/entryway.

- Length 1100mm
- Depth 230mm
- Height 780mm

Designed for maximum hallway drama with needle like poised legs and an uncompromising form.

The sideboard is also useful for keeping the bits you want close to hand on your way through the door.

Tight lines and clean edges help give the piece a confident appearance. Nothing detracts from its monolithic shape.

The heavy block like case meets with slender legs for an interesting composition.

A specially selected board runs across both drawers so as not to interrupt the grain.

The drawer pull holes are bored straight through with surgical like precision.

Inside there is traditional hand cut joinery.

The drawers shut smoothly and give an almost zero clearance shut line when closed.

My favourite thing about this piece is when the sun comes around and catches its legs.

Console unit

In a traditional farm house style commissioned as part of a suite of living room furniture.

Made in American Ash.

- Length 600mm
- Depth 250mm
- Height 860mm

The unit has one large drawer and two shelves handy for ornaments and picture frames

Finished with traditional French polish which gives body and brings out the grain of paler woods.

Features fine dovetail joinery and carefully profiled edges.

This console goes together with a coffee table, TV unit and nest of tables commissioned in the same farm house style.

Media unit / sideboard

Especially commissioned as part of a living room furniture suite. In Sapele Mahogany.

- Length 1000mm
- Depth 415mm
- Height 720mm

The brief was for a very capacious but clean lined unit to match woods and tones already in the room.

There were various media players to accomodate as well as a sizeable DVD collection.

The design features an open aperture to simplify meda player access and control.

Boards with attractive rays and waves were selected to give some texture and drama to the simple overall shape

The drawers are deep and capacious. They hold several dozen DVDs.

Very fine dovetail joinery reminds you that this is a quality piece of furniture each time you open a drawer.

I don't think the dovetail joint has been bettered for its strength and visual appeal.

Jewellery box

Made as a gift for the woman I love.

A compact case of drawers ideal for storing jewellery and keepsakes.

In English Sweet Chestnut.

- Length 300mm
- Depth 250mm
- Height 160mm

The gradient and tone of the wood is specially selected and I wanted to capture the cheery feel of a morning sunrise.

The legs are in fumed Sweet Chestnut which contrast and help ground the case.

She loves lots of little stuff so I furnished the piece with these till like dividers made from Black Walnut.

There is an almost microscopic detail of fine joinery throughout the piece. I really wanted it to be special.

Nook mirror shelf and cabinet

This item is for sale and I custom make to order.

- Height 517mm
- Width 334mm
- Depth 125mm

Perfect for your entryway, hall or alcove the Nook mirror shelf presents a chirpy little opportunity to check your reflection.

Designed with clean lines and angles in a modern style with just a touch of decoration to make it friendly.

It is available in a choice of woods and configurations. Prices start from 169 GBP + delivery and you can buy this item directly from my shop.

Pictured here in fumed English Sweet Chestnut…

… and pictured here in natural English Sweet Chestnut.

Features top quality Pilkington mirror glass for a distortion free deep shine.

With two shelves and a storage space there's just enough room to store the chance things you need on the go.

English Sweet Chestnut has a straight open grain, great for showing off line and shape, and is the same tree that produces edible chestnuts.

Nook table

A lightweight compact utility table with bold clean lines. Ideal as a side table, for a plant, ornaments, a lamp or a telephone.

This item is for sale and I custom make to order.

- Length 360mm
- Depth 240mm
- Height 670mm

It is available in a choice of woods. Prices start from 95 GBP + delivery and you can buy this item directly from my shop.

The table has simple clean lines with just a hint of decoration to add interest.

Shown here a commissioned pair in Mahogany with continous grain matched across both the tables

The table presents well in different species of wood. In pairs here starting left to right: Sweet Chestnut, Sycamore and Elm.

Stille mirror

Designed for an entryway, hall or bedroom the Stille mirror neatly frames your reflection.

This item is for sale and I custom make to order.

- Height 530mm
- Width 280mm
- Depth 40mm

It is available in a choice of woods at 75 GBP + delivery and you can buy this item directly from my shop.

It has traditional wedged mortice and tenon joinery, a very strong hand perfected joint, which shows through on the outer frame to expose its detail.

Shown in 'Olive' English Sweet Chestnut wood from the scarce parts of the tree having an array of deep brown and golden colours, similar to Olive wood.

The pin line relief detail on its rails adds a touch of shadow and structure.

Shown in American Black Walnut

Features top quality Pilkington mirror glass for a distortion free deep shine.

Available in a range of woods to suit different settings.

Kitchen in Shaker style

This is a made to measure kitchen created for a customer in Lincolnshire.

It features a solid oak drainer worktop, inset belfast sink, soft closing drawers, an integrated dishwasher and custom cabinetry around existing boiler/service pipes.

Under-lit wall cupboards and open shelves create a rythmn in the room.

A clean run is achieved between the glass cooker top and the surrounding oak worktops.

Hand-cut drainer grooves run into a deep belfast sink.

The kitchen has a whole host of drawers to give plenty of storage options.

Accuracy and simplicity is absolutely key to the success of the design.

A fully integrated Bosch dishwasher unit fits in with the surrounding cabinetry.

Deep and capacious drawers on soft closing runners.


My limited edition furniture range is available through I make each piece to order and I can tailor them if you have a custom requirement (size, material and configuration).


I occasionally have larger items of furniture for sale directly

Winston work desk (pictured in European Oak).

Base price 950 GBP plus delivery. Self pick-up possible.

Customisable options (woods, finishes, drawers).

Dimensions: L 102cm, D 57cm, H 94cm.

For more details check the gallery section.


Commissioning bespoke furniture should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. My goal is to create the best possible design to meet your needs so that you are very happy with the finished product.

A Black Walnut drawer chest commissioned as part of a suite of bedroom furniture

The commissioning process

The process begins with a conversation. I want to understand how you will use your furniture, your preferences and where the furniture will be placed. We start by exchanging ideas before settling on a design and price.

I help you to choose materials. I work with all species of hardwoods from Ash to Zebrano. I can match woods you may already have in your home or I can suggest woods and show you samples.

An Ash coffee table in farmhouse style commissioned as part of a living room suite


Once you are happy with the specifications, plan drawings, pricing and delivery estimate I take a 50% payment and source the materials. I begin the build and send you updates on the progress if you like.

I will keep to the timing, specifications and price that we agree. In cases where you might need to change your mind later about specifications we can re-negotiate.

I usually deliver custom made furniture and install it for you personally. You can also arrange to collect from me in Lincolnshire, UK. The remaining 50% balance is then payable.

If you have something special in mind the first step is to get in touch. I welcome all enquiries and I'm happy to consult with you without obligation.



It takes time and care to make high quality long lasting furniture. In a world where so much seems fast paced and short lived I find taking time and striving for quality refreshing.

I am trained in traditional furniture making and qualified to Masters level in design. I produce furniture in small quantities by hand and work alone in my workshop in Lincolnshire, UK.

I've been working with wood for as long as I can remember. I'm often at timber yards around the country and I hand select each board of wood for my furniture. It's such a scarce and expensive resource so I look for sustainably managed top quality materials.


'My offer to you is the time and care I invest in all my work.'


I guarantee my workmanship and materials for as long as I am alive. If you take good care of your furniture too we should expect it to out-last us both.


Quality is rarely about finding the lowest price. I don't seek to make a fortune from my work and price as modestly as I can.

Typically a third of the furniture cost can be the materials. The remainder is my time, my workshop overheads and business expenses. My furniture isn't cheap but you are buying a 100% craftsman made product.

I advertise prices for my limited edition furniture ranges clearly. There are sometimes custom options available depending on the piece for which I can quote you directly.

For commissioned furniture prices vary hugely so I quote per your enquiry. As a rough guide prices range between:

  • coffee tables 400-800 GBP
  • media / tv units 800-2500 GBP
  • office desks 1000-2000 GBP
  • drawer chests / sideboards 1000-2500 GBP

Delivery & collection

Large hardwood furniture items are bulky and susceptible to damage - they are not really suitable for couriers. I normally prefer to deliver to you and install personally (cost negotiable depending where you live and in the UK mainland only). You can also choose to collect from me in Lincoln, UK.


The wood I use is certified from a sustainable source. This normally means it is certified by the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) or the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

I reclaim and re-use old wood where appropriate and where this is the case I make it known.

I also try very hard not to create waste and give my sawdust and shavings to friends and neighbours. They end up with good compost and happy guinea pigs.


For enquiries email:

For orders please visit my shop:

For updates on my current work visit my Facebook page